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Posting Rules & Guidelines

Please read and follow our simple rules before posting any Ads.

Last modified: Feb 25, 2017

1. Rules and Guidelines for Free Ads

1.1 Title – Simple and clear, not to long.
Do not type company / business name or price in the title.

1.2 Price – Your Ad must have a price, It must also be correct.
So to just type 0 (zero) is not approved. You can set your price in USD or VND (Vietnamese Dong).

1.3 Description – Do NOT put email-adress or company name in this box.
Here you describe what you sell.

1.4. Link – You can have 1 link. Its must be relevant to what you sell.
The link must be in the “link field” not in the ad text. If you want more links you can upgrade to an business account.

1.5. Photo/Video – Do not use pictures with company name or other marketing info.
Photo and Video must be relevant to what you sell.

1.6. Duplicates – You may not post same ad multiple times.
You can post your ad in 1 (one) category. It is not allowed to post the same ad more than one time.

1.7. Marketing – To use the Free ad for pure marketing purposes is not allowed.
You need to offer a concrete goods, jobs or services. For marketing and branding of product, services and companies you can upgrade.

2. Company presentation – USD 90 per year

If you want to tell about your company or marketing / brand your services you need to upgrade to an Business Account. You subscribe to this service for 12 months. A business account allows you to marketing and brand your business.

You get your own page where you can:
Show your logo and company name, have links to your social media pages and your site, banner space + much more. The page looks like this.

Get your Business Account now

(As soon as you have paid we will start to create your company page)

3. Abroad Ads – USD 5 per Ad

To post ads located outside of Vietnam is not free. You need to post your ads in the category “Abroad”. The price is USD 5 per ad. Need to follow the rules for free ads to be approved.

Post an Abroad Ad now (do not forget to select the Abroad category)

More information:

Keep reading to get more information and perhaps also find answers to your questions.

What happens if I break these rules ?

lf you disagree with this simple Rules please don’t publish anything on VietnamFinders.com. We own the right to modify or delete information as they are in line with these guidelines. If we do, we’ll do it for you to get a better result.

What do we not approve – will be deleted at once ?

  • If you are an Ad poster from ex. India – You can only use the “Abroad” category.
  • If you offer private loans